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Spikeball Game
Kiddie Pool
Kanjam Original Game
Magic Circle
Magic Circle Trampoline

Bikes for Kids Program

Offspring Recreational is partnering with Waterloo Regional Police and Kid’s Safety Village to donate bicycles to needy children in the Waterloo region. Children whose bikes have been stolen, broken or who are simply in need, can qualify for free bikes. More details on how to register will follow.

We're putting the bounce back in family fun!

If it’s time for your family to put action back in family fun, you’ve come to the right place. In an era where lots of things can keep kids (and their parents) inside, it’s our mission to bring active fun right to your backyard—fun that is developmentally advantageous to your children, and that brings your your family together in wholesome ways.

What’s more, the products at Offspring Recreational offer pass the quality test. We’ve built our reputation on quality fun and quality products that last years, not just one season. Most of our products come with premium product guarantees within the industry.