About Offspring

Lady & Children on Trampoline

Offspring Recreational was begun in 1992 by Ontario moms, Jane Bosman and Joyce Stevens. Offspring was a home-based business venture selling Jumpking trampolines, marked by demo trampolines at the end of their driveways.

As sales grew, Offspring added dealers, only to have Jumpking choose to transition to box store sales. As it turned out, though, Offspring became Jumpking’s Canadian warranty connection and depot for returned trampolines, and added an office at Norwell Dairy Systems in Drayton. Meanwhile, however, Jumpking’s quality was compromised to lower box store price points, and the brand was eventually sold to China.

Thanks to our industry connections, we were able to arrange the manufacture of a new trampoline line, Jumpfree, that had the strength and durability of the original trampolines we sold. We also added the Magic Circle product line.

In 2015, Offspring’s our trampoline lines were joined by the Canadian distributorship of Kanjam, as well as Spikeball game sales and other outdoor games.

What has never changed in almost 30 years of Offspring history, is our commitment to high-quality products that are durable and offer lasting value. You can shop here with the assurance that the value of our outdoor fun products is second to none!