12' Jump Free Trampoline with Magic Circle Enclosure

Care & Maintenance

Trampoline Maintenance

Your trampoline is manufactured using quality materials and is finely crafted to provide you and your family with many years of enjoyment and exercise. Proper maintenance and care will help prolong the life of the trampoline and reduce the possibility of injury. The following guidelines should always be observed:

Inspect the trampoline before each use, and replace all worn, defective or missing parts. The following conditions present potential hazards and increase the danger of personal injury:

  • punctures holes or tears in the bed (jumping surface)
  • deterioration in any stitching in the bed (jumping surface)
  • bent or broken frame or legs
  • broken or missing springs
  • missing or insecurely attached safety pad
  • sagging bed (jumping surface)
  • sharp protrusions on the frame or suspension system

In the case that any of these conditions exist, all efforts should be made to keep users from using the trampoline until the problem is remedied.

To extend the life of the trampoline safety pad, we recommend using Pad Protect vinyl protectant to extend the life of the vinyl. Use of Pad Protect should extend the life up to 1-2 years.

Wind: It is possible for the trampoline to be blown about by a high wind. If you anticipate high winds, the trampoline should be moved to a sheltered location, disassembled or the round top frame should be tied to the ground using ropes and stakes. Do not simply secure the legs to the ground, as they can pull out of the frame sockets. A tie-down kit is also available to keep the trampoline secured in the wind.

Enclosure Maintenance

Prolonged exposure to the sun, especially ultraviolet rays, will shorten the life of the enclosure fabric. For longer fabric life, store the enclosure when it is not being used. A dry enclosure, properly stored, will provide the longest life of the fabric, sewing, and hardware. Remove the enclosure from the trampoline during harsh weather conditions or during long periods of non-use.

Inspect the trampoline enclosure before each use and replace any worn, defective, or missing parts. The following conditions could represent potential hazards and increase the danger of personal injury:

  • missing, improperly positioned, or insecurely attached netting, enclosure tubes or foam sleeves
  • punctures, frays, tears, or holes in the netting or foam sleeves
  • deterioration of the stitching or fabric of the netting
  • bent or broken enclosure tubes
  • sagging netting
  • sharp protrusions on enclosure tubes

In the case that any of these conditions exists, all efforts should be made to keep users from using the trampoline until the problem is remedied.

For assistance with replacing the netting on your safety enclosure, view the replacement instructions. You can also purchase the replacement net in our parts section.

Winter Maintenance

Decisions on winter maintenance are always up to the discretion of the trampoline owner. This decision will depend on how much work you wish to do in order to make your trampoline have the longest lifespan possible.

The number one way to increase the lifespan of the trampoline is to completely disassemble the trampoline and pack it away in a cool dry place. When doing this, be sure to place all fabric pieces (pads, jumping surface, netting, foam protection) in areas or containers that will prevent small creatures from harming them (these creatures will be looking for material for nests and such in the winter … trampoline parts can be very handy!)

Of course, not everyone wants to do the work of full disassembly and, again, this is up to the discretion of the owner. We do suggest, at the very minimum, that you take in the pad that covers the springs (storing it in a secure place). This pad will crack when exposed to extreme cold so this protection is the minimum necessary. Please remember, if you decide to make use of your trampoline in the winter, to place the protective padding back on the trampoline to provide the protection that is required when using a trampoline. For FunRing owners, the removal of the protective padding will also require the removal of the safety netting, which is a good idea anyways, because excess moisture tends to cause deterioration of the fabric.

Trampolines are not warranted against extreme weather and so please take the precautions necessary to protect your investment.

We suggest using PadProtect vinyl protectant spray to help condition the pad before and after winter storage. This will cause the pad to be supple/flexible which will allow it to resist cracking.

Other products available to provide added protection are our JumpKing Tie-Down Kits, which provide added security in high winds.

If we have failed to answer any questions you may have had, please feel free to contact us. 1-877-7GO-JUMP.