12' Jump Free Trampoline with Magic Circle Enclosure

How to Measure a Trampoline

To determine size and style, measure the following:

Measure full spring, including hooks.
Sizes available: 7” and 8 ½”
(If needing a full set, make sure to count # of springs needed.) 

Jumping Mat:
Measure from side to side (material only) directly across centre of bed.  Count how many springs are needed for the bed:  96, 100 or 104 .  Determine what size spring is needed (see spring measurement instructions).
If your trampoline bed has 96 – 7” springs and measure’s 12’4” across (bed only) then your trampoline model would probably be JKWS14AT (most likely purchased at Walmart).
If your trampoline bed has 96 – 8 ½” springs and measures 12’ across (bed only) then your trampoline model would probably be JKTR14AB (most likely purchased through Costco or directly from us)
JKTR14AB section also has beds with 100 springs and 104, so make sure to count accurately or loops and holes will not match up.

Trampoline (to determine model equivalent): 
Measure from outside of frame to outside of frame.  If it is a 14”, use Bed measurements above to determine model.
If it is 15’ and the spring measurement is 7”, you probably have a 15’ Giant (JKWS15SMI – purchased at Sam’s Club – limited availability on parts)
If it is 15’ and the spring measurement is 8 ½ “, you probably have a 15’ GOLIATH purchased directly from us.  JUMPFREE has re-introduced the 15’ GOLIATH and some parts (springs and safety pads) should be compatible…

Safety Pads:  Determine diameter of trampoline by measuring from outside of steel frame to outside of steel frame, directly across centre of trampoline.  Model availabilities would  be 12’, 14’ or 15’. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE CONCERNING 13 FOOT TRAMPOLINES!!!…Offspring has never sold a 13’ trampoline so therefore cannot supply jumping surfaces for this model.  However, a 14’ safety pad can be made to fit by folding it over at one of the seams and either duct taping it or taking it to a tent and awning repair facility and asking them to “cut and paste” it.  Also, as long as the springs are either 7” or 8 ½”, springs will also be appropriate for your 13’ model.

Offspring is NOT responsible for shipping cost on items that do not fit properly unless it is a manufacturer’s defect.

REGARDING ENCLOSURES:  Our new Enclosures are a Universal style that will fit most 12, 14 or 15 foot models.  If one of the models listed above (not including the 13’), is a match for your trampoline, then our enclosures should fit without an issue.