12' Jump Free Trampoline with Magic Circle Enclosure

Replacing a Jumpfree/Jumpking Safety Net

This replacement net was designed to fit most 14 foot and 15 foot round trampolines that have 4 to 8 vertical poles, 2 to 4 arches, and have 6, 8, or 12 vertical leg sections. The net is easy to install and easy to remove and store for the off season.

The net has multiple attaching holes at the top and the bottom. The net comes with 24 straps. Up to 8 straps should be used to attach the net top to the poles or arches.

The net bottom attaches to poles or the “V” rings at the inside of the springs. Use at least 16 straps to secure the bottom.

You have two options to secure the bottom. One is to attach all 16 straps to V rings under the pad. This puts the pad outside the net. Or a slightly stronger option is attach 8 straps to V rings under the frame pad that covers the springs and 8 straps go directly to the pole over the pad. This eliminates the time consuming step of weaving a bottom rope in and out of the rings to secure the bottom. This attaches and suspends the net to the poles at the top and secures the bottom to the outside of the jumping surface but just inside the springs. Please note the net does not go around the poles.

Note: Although the picture does not show the 4 arches, the top straps attach 
to the 4 arches in the same way your old netting attached.

Basic installation consists of the following steps:

  1. Take off your old net.
  2. Put the new net on your trampoline – door at the bottom. Below is a diagram of how the straps are installed on the net.
  3. Install one strap to the top of one pole. Then install another strap to the next adjacent pole. If you see an alignment problem, try moving the straps to new holes to get an alignment that works for your trampoline. Some combination of the necessary top straps should work.
  4. After the top is securely suspended use at least 16 straps to secure the bottom. Strap the bottom to the poles and the “V” rings at the edge of the jumping surface.

This is the standard 8 pole configuration. The net is installed slightly under the inside edge of the pad using 16 straps. 8 straps attach to the poles and 8 straps at the “V” ring between the poles. The “V” ring is the metal part that is attached to the jumping surface that the spring hooks on to.

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