12' Jump Free Trampoline with Magic Circle Enclosure

Why Magic Circle?

Why Magic Circle?

The purchase of an integrated trampoline system is an investment worth a close look.  Our trampoline system is designed for the safest, constant outdoor use with practically no maintenance, for years of family fun.  Trampolines help keep muscular tone, build balance and body control.  The Magic Circle trampoline system makes it safe for children BUT with a 450 lb. weight capacity, it’s for the WHOLE family!!

The Magic Cage was designed to provide the safe use of trampolines by children and easy assembly for parents.  The Magic Cage is easy to assemble – no tools required.  Sockets are welded to the legs to hold the cage uprights and cage is sewn to the mat making an easier assembly and safer trampoline.  Choose your size – from the 10’, 12’ and 13’6” ROUND or the large 16’ OCTAGON.  All have an excellent 10 year warranty on the frame plus a 5-year (1 year complete, 4 year prorated) on the mat/cage and springs.

Magic Circle Trampolines has been creating safe backyard fun for over 35 years – 100% Made in the North America.

The cage is sewn into the mat, to create an integrated system that allows the cage to move with the mat, so that there are never any openings between the cage and the mat, where a child might get their hands and feet caught, thus preventing any chance of significant injury. 

Our Magic Cage is made out of the same fiber as the jumping mat and has a tensile strength of 350 lbs./sq. inch.  The foam protecting your children from the uprights holding the cage is UV protected to prevent the foam from deteriorating or the loss of color for several years.

The 13’6” ROUND has a heavy duty 14 gauge galvanized steel frame while the 16’ OCTAGON is the ultimate, with a 13 gauge steel frame.

Springs:  Magic Circle Trampoline’s springs are manufactured out of
.124 galvanized spring steel.  They are tempered to hold stress safely up o 6” beyond the original 8” free length.  These are superior to the springs of our competitors, which are often shorter and handle less stress.

V-Rings:  The v-rings may seem an insignificant part of the trampoline, but they are actually very important.  Our v-rings are 2” wide with heavyweight 1.5” wide tabbing, compared to our leading competition’s lighter weight tabbing and smaller v-rings.  Larger v-rings and tabbing increase the life of your mat as they can handle more stress.

Frame and Mat:

Our trampoline frames are made of Structural steel which offers superior strength.  The special “Flo-Coat” process finish inhibits the possibility of rust.  The top rail of the 13’6’ is 1.66” in diameter with 14 gauge steel.  The 16’ top rail is 1.9” in diameter with strong 13 gauge steel.

Advantages of the Magic Cage

Children cannot fall out of the trampoline.

The Magic Cage is sewn into the mat, so there are no openings where children can get their limbs caught.
There are no ties or Velcro strips to worry about opening accidentally when the children fall against the entrance/exit because of the unique overlapping of the cage material to form the entrance/exit.

No openings around the cage when the trampoline is jumped on because the cage moves with the mat.

The cage is made from finely woven polypropylene so that there is no “fish net” type material for children to get their hands and feet caught in.

The finely woven polypropylene can not be climbed on like other cage materials, so you do not have to worry about children trying to climb out of the Magic Cage.

Integrated with the trampoline, one single unit.

Easy to install, no tools required or complicated straps to eave through the spring connections and the cage material.

No clamps to attach to the legs, possibly weakening the legs if tightened too much or making the cage unsafe if not tightened enough.

No straps holding the cage together that deteriorate in the sun light.

Magic cages have a 450 lb. limit.

Colorful protective foam on the uprights is UV protected to provide long life of foam and colors.

For trampolines ONLY (no enclosure system), Magic Circle has their standard 6 or 8 piece pads OR a 1 piece heavy duty multi colored pad for covering the springs.