How to Measure a Trampoline

To determine size and style, measure the following: Springs:Measure full spring, including hooks.Sizes available: 7” and 8 ½”(If needing a full set, make sure to count # of springs needed.)  Jumping Mat:Measure from side to side (material only) directly across centre of bed.  Count how many springs are needed for the bed:  96, 100 or […]

Care & Maintenance

Girl on Trampoline

Trampoline Maintenance Your trampoline is manufactured using quality materials and is finely crafted to provide you and your family with many years of enjoyment and exercise. Proper maintenance and care will help prolong the life of the trampoline and reduce the possibility of injury. The following guidelines should always be observed: Inspect the trampoline before […]

Trampolines Provide Rebound Activity for Autistic Children

Indoor Trampoline for Autistic Children

Quality and Suitability Issues The major retail chains have not offered rebound products that are designed for use with special needs children. The rebound quality is so low that nobody knew what quality rebound felt like. Furthermore, the typical small trampolines used for jogging exercise, so-called “joggers”, are not suitable for rebounding jumping and for […]

Replacing a Jumpfree/Jumpking Safety Net

Trampoline with Enclosure

This replacement net was designed to fit most 14 foot and 15 foot round trampolines that have 4 to 8 vertical poles, 2 to 4 arches, and have 6, 8, or 12 vertical leg sections. The net is easy to install and easy to remove and store for the off season. The net has multiple […]

Why Jumpfree?

Jumpfree has the absolutely best enclosure on the market and attractively priced.  If it is going to promote “safety”, it should be a device that has a long life and well designed to accomplish its purpose. A lot of really bad merchandise is out there under the name “trampoline” and “trampoline enclosure”. Asian labor in […]

Why Magic Circle?

Why Magic Circle? The purchase of an integrated trampoline system is an investment worth a close look.  Our trampoline system is designed for the safest, constant outdoor use with practically no maintenance, for years of family fun.  Trampolines help keep muscular tone, build balance and body control.  The Magic Circle trampoline system makes it safe […]

What is Jumpfree and Where Did Jumpking Go?

In 2005, Jumpking Inc. sold their name to an Asian manufacturer and the models common to stores like Walmart and Costco ceased to exist. Offspring was the main source, in Canada, for those trampolines and their replacement parts…that has not changed. Our brand has changed to Jumpfree but all of the replacement parts for the […]